You need to install one of the following client-side backup applications, Online Backup Manager (OBM) or A-Click Backup (ACB), on the server, desktop or laptop that you intend to back up. With proper configuration, the backup job will be executed automatically based on the frequency you have set, and data will be encrypted, compressed and backed up to DCS Backup's highly secure and redundant data centers via a secure SSL Internet connection channel. In case some of your data, e.g. a database or a word document, are lost due to whatever reason, you can restore the lost data from our data center within a very short period of time. Data can be delivered same day via mobile unit (within 150 miles of primary data center) or priority overnight delivery.

Online Backup Manager
Online Backup Manager (OBM) is a comprehensive client-side backup application bundled with various database backup modules for backing up files and databases from client-side computers to DCS Backup's Offsite Backup Server. It is most suitable for backing up file servers, database servers and email servers

A-Click Backup
A-Click Backup (ACB) is a light version of Online Backup Manager with all major features retained while having an easy-to-use interface. It is most suitable for backing up files in desktop and laptop computers.

Support All Common Operating Systems Windows & Mac Only
Support All Common Database -
Microsoft Exchange Server Brick-Level Backup -
Windows System Backup and Restore -
Command Line Tool -
Support Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express
Continuous Data Protection
In-File Delta Technology
Open File Backup
256-Bit Data Encryption
Flexible Backup Schedule
Web Based Data Restore
Auto Software Upgrade
Comprehensive Backup Report and Statistics

24/7 Customer Support
We offer 24/7 customer support. Whenever you encounter a problem backing up or restoring data, although it rarely happens, our customer support representatives will closely work with you until your problem is resolved.

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