DCS Backup provides more then just basic Data Center services. In addition to Colocation, DCS provides added data protection and security with our Managed Firewall and backup solutions.

Managed Firewall Services

In today's world critical systems need to be protected by hardened security products. Firewall equipment is a great tool for network security, but it adds a significant cost to your hosting environment, especially if you want a redundant solution. As an alternative to the high cost of building your own firewall infrastructure, DCS Backup offers a completely Managed Firewall solution. This Managed Service is fully redundant, competitively priced, and includes unlimited change control and access rules.

Our Firewall solutions are 100% Cisco powered. Available in either a dedicated or shared interface options, all services include access to a redundant standby firewall, unlimited change control and access rules, and VPN access with hardware based acceleration.

Managed DCS Backup Solutions

DCS Backup will free you from the headaches of managing complicated backup software, tape drives, and physical requirements of swapping and storing tape media. Our DCS Backup solution comes to your client machine via its own dedicated 100Mbps ethernet port, thereby avoiding congestion of your internet connectivity. Our backup software is fully supported on all major OS platforms, including Windows Server, Novell, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Tru64 and Mac OS 10.

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