Market Opportunities

The following conditions are fueling the growth of online backup.

Global Data Keep Expanding Exponentially
Computers have become a necessity in today's world. With documents, e-mails, business records etc. are all being stored in digital format. Computer data is now growing at an annual rate of 60 percent. Therefore, businesses will look for online backup services to safeguard their mission-critical data against disasters.

Government Regulations Boost Online Backup
Also, the government has already started imposing regulations and acts on businesses for data protection. Such as, These regulations have made it clear that it is vital for businesses to setup proper offsite backup policies in preventing data loss. Thus, this will motivate more businesses to adopt an online backup solution as it is the most convenient way to fulfill data protection regulations.

Broadband Price is Dropping
With the reduced costs but higher broadband speed, enterprises will simply choose online backup for its conveniences and data safety. Also, as broadband will be idled most of the time during the night, online backup allows businesses to fully utilize the internet bandwidth during inactive periods, and thus can achieve a better return on their Internet expense.

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