How To Start

Shared Server

For Service Providers who require a small backup space (e.g. < 500GB is shared server), download a free trial of the client software (OBM for servers and ACB for desktops and laptops).

Try it free for 30- days.

For paid customers, you will receive commissions on a monthly basis.

Dedicated Server

For Service Providers who require a large backup space, we will configure a dedicated Online Backup Server (OBS).

You will receive login credentials so you can create your own backup accounts on the OBS.

Enable the free trial feature on the OBS for potential customers to try the backup service.

When the trial expires, mark accounts as paid and start charging them on a monthly basis.

Email / Call to inquire about our low wholesale rates and pricing. sales@dcsbackup.com / 215-856-0400.

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